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(How do I cancel Fax Service?)
(How do I cancel SMS service?)
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==How do I cancel SMS service?==
==How do I cancel SMS service?==
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==How do I cancel Long Distance Calls?==
==How do I cancel Long Distance Calls?==

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Service Cancellation

How do I cancel ADSL/Fibre Broadband service?

  • You may contact Exetel either via email or phone, in order to submit the cancellation of your ADSL/Fibre services.

How do I cancel Mobile/Mobile Broadband Service?

1. Log in to Members facility

2. Select Service & Usage Tab and then Manage

3. Click on Cancel Service tab,

Mobile cancellation 01.png

Mobile cancellation 02.jpg

4. Select the date you wish to have the service canceled.

Mobile cancellation 03.jpg

5. Read the terms and conditions and click on Confirm and then click on Submit button.

Mobile cancellation 04.jpg

How do I cancel the exemail service?

1. Go to Member Facilities area

2. Click on Premium VAS option and then Email.

WebMail new 1.jpg

3. Go to My Email Account tab and this will show details of your exemail accounts

4. Click the Delete button in front of the email account that you require to cancel.


How do I cancel VoIP service?

1. Log in to Members Facilities area

2. Click on Service & Usage option.

3. Click in Manage button.

Voip Cancellation 01.jpg

4. Select Cancel Voip Service option

5. Select the date you want to cancel your VoIP service and click on Confirm Cancel button or you can cancel the service immediately by clicking on Confirm Cancel Now button.

Voip Cancellation 02.jpg

How do I cancel Paid Hosting services?

Cancel Domain Name Registration

If you need to cancel Domain Name Registration email hosting@exetel.com.au.

Cancel Reverse Domain Hosting

If you need to cancel Reverse Domain Hosting email hosting@exetel.com.au.

Cancel Website Hosting

Cancel Secondary Email Hosting

If you need to cancel Secondary Email Hosting email hosting@exetel.com.au.

How do I cancel Long Distance Calls?


There are 2 methods of canceling this service.

1. Phone line is completely canceled from your current provider, once that is done please inform exetel ASAP

2. Request another provider to take over the long distant calls EG: If your phone line is held by Telstra then contact telstra and request they move the long distant calls over to their company.


You will need to email into exetel and advise them to cancel the service: voice@exetel.com.au