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Exetel started to use Spamexperts as the incoming spam filter provider since 2020.

More information about Spamexperts can be found at

After log into Myexetel (, you can click the Quarantine button to access your spam filter management portal

For mailboxes, under Premium VAS => Email

For email hosting mailboxes, under Services & Usage => Email Hosting Manage

The spam filter portal will look like this



1, train spam

2, sender whitelist

3, sender blacklist

4, spam quarantine

Train Spam:

This is the place that you can train your spam emails. Either drag and drop the emails that you think are spam or upload these emails to this field.


Sender whitelist:

You can whitelist particular senders so that no email spam filtering will be done. Email from the senders will be delivered to your mailbox directly.


Sender blacklist:

Add senders to your blacklist, so all the emails from particular senders will be blocked.


Spam quarantine:

List all the existing quarantined emails and release them to your mailbox.


If you release the email from quarantine, it also has the ability to train your spam filter to not block such emails in the future.