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Support Tips


- Services that have slow speeds could be caused by the modulation type that's been used. By default the modem sets the modulation to be G.DMT lite or G.DMT, when it changes to G.DMT BIZplus this fixes up the problem.

- If a service upgrades from ADSL 1 to ADSL 2 and experience's slow speed it is best to replace the previous filters with new ADSL 2 filters.

- I’ve notice some of the end user experiencing slow speed issue, it could be due that they're saturating their DSL circuit (as they are not aware about this). If a lot data is been uploaded then the downloads would also be affected. The “A” in ADSL stands for 'Asymmetric', which means that ADSL can only efficiently transfer data in one direction at a time. ADSL does not do both well with upload and download been used at the same time, however if you do both at the same time the speed will become slow and there will be high latency.

- It's always better to perform all the initial troubleshooting first before having a case logged through our system.A drop out problem was resolved when the isolation was performed, the modem was able to maintain sync for several hours.

- Sometimes when a service dropouts it’s always best to make sure that there is no idle timeouts being set in the router/modem as that could be the cause of the drop out.

- If a service is unable to browse it is recommended that the DNS settings is enabled manually via the TCP/IP properties.

- I noticed a lot of connection are able to obtain better speeds via lower profiles if the connection is further away from the exchange. EG: the service is 2KM's away from the exchange it is best to change the profile to 12mb.

Mobile Broadband

- When Installing Mobile Broadband on a Apple MAC PC, we come across issues where the installer doesn't work. In such situations, I recommend to remove the program under the system preferences and re-install a fresh copy, this should fix up the problem.

- If the error code is 619 and all the settings are correct, recheck the APN value: exetel1

- If the error code is 619, delete all the profiles and create a fresh one. Service will work (99% guaranteed).

- Some times when customer tries to plug the devise & the ERROR 633 appears it usually could be due to the USB PORT having problems. It is recommended that a different port be tested.

- If the Mobile Broadband modem has not been detected by the computer with different USB ports, it would be better to upgrade the firmware of the USB modem:

- When the "Device has been disconnected or is Unavailable" Error comes for the Mobile Broadband, remove the modem from the USB port and re plug in a different USB port.

- Most of the Mobile Broadband connecting issues will be solved once they have entered the APN as exetel1

- When you are installing Mobile Broadband software, if it is referring to an authentication SP code. Enter the SP code as BROADBAND in Caps.

- If the following "error 628 " appears its generally due to Window's 7 been used, the way to resolve this problem is try downloading the latest firmware for the Mobile Broadband dongle.

- If you have an issue configuring your Mobile Broadband USB stick, make sure you enter the APN as "exetel1" not "connect".

- Once I came across a Mobile Broadband speed issue and I found out that the GSM frequency was set to GPRS only. The Frequency should be set to "WCDMA preferred", and the "Band", should be set to "All bands", or "automatic".Once the frequency is set to this the speeds will be great.


- If the number 121 is dialed to activate the voice mail and a pin number will be required to activate the voice mail. If everything wasn't set up correctly, the phone call will be in a continuous loop.

It's best to contact exetel to resolve this problem.

- To increase the ringing time before the voicemail, use **61*+61414121000**30# SEND/DIAL to allow maximum 30 seconds diversion. You can change "30" to anything between 5-30 in increments of 5 seconds

Fax to email

- I’ve notice some end users receiving blank or half pages; Main reason is that the fax to e-mail facility is subjected to quality variations which is why there is blank/half pages. These are intermittent issues and probable with supplier’s infrastructure and the receiving party.


- If you experience a slow speed when accessing your office intranet from home or when you try to access any private networks and if you still can access other websites with a relatively good speed, please change your MTU value to something between 1400 – 1450 (the default value should be 1492). This is because of the additional overhead created by VPN connections.

- When a "Netgear modem" is been reset the VPI/VCI needs to be VPI8/VCI35 this can be found via "ADSL settings" with in the modem configuration. This resolve a majority of connecting issues.

- I noticed that most slow browsing issues can be fixed by reducing the MTU(Maximum Transfer Unit) size in the modem/router configurations.

- I have noticed some customers reset their modems but do not reconfigure the modem. Whenever you press the reset button you need to re-configure the modem.

Blocked Connection

When a connection is released from been blocked and is still unable to connect on to the internet, it is best to contact Exetel so that we could clear the circuit of the connection.

Blocked page

- I noticed a lot of calls where our customers are unable to load the page, i would normally request the modem be reset. Once that has been done the connection would also needed to be cleared from our radius server, this would allow for the blocked page to appear.

Computer Configuration

- When it shows Access Local Only on the network icon on the computer, turn off the firewalls. Most of the time you can Access internet.

- If the Mobile Broadband/ADSL connection is dropping when it is used for many hours, This may be because the modem is heating up. So keep the modem off for some time and try again

- When There is a slow speed issue, go to the task manager >> Performance. See if there are any heavy weight processes running and you can see high CPU & memory usage. So close down any unnecessary program and hopefully the speeds may get better.

- In a Slow Speed issue, Run a netstat on the command prompt. This will list all open connections running on this machine. If the list is long then the problem is likely to be Trojan virus related and you should do a scan for viruses and spyware. the more open connections the more bandwidth will be taken up slowing the connection

- I’ve notice some customer experiencing website timeout/page cannot be displayed, basically end user need to refresh the page again in order to view the content. However this can be solve adding DNS settings manually into your network adapter.

- There are also instance where applying the Exetel DNS settings on your computer will fix the issue.

Please try manually configuring the Exetel DNS
Our Preferred DNS Server :
Our Alternate DNS Server :
An example of how to configure DNS on windows vista and mac will be available on the following links. (for Windows Vista) (for MAC)
Please also select the "Enable NAT" option if it is available on your modem/router as this also could affect registration.

- This website is useful it helps with calculating unit's :


- I noticed a lot of registration problems with VoIP is due to incorrect VOIP password. (Some customer's use their ADSL password when it should be their own VOIP password).

- If you are getting a 408 error from x-lite this means you are not receiving any response from the sip registration server that you are attempting to connect to with x-lite. There are a number of reasons for this but they could be caused by:

a) Your router
b) Your firewall
c) Anti-spyw
Try disabling any firewall software you have running on your desktop. You can also try connected directly to your modem and bypass your router to determine if the router is causing this problem. You could also try disabling the QOS setting which is under Options -> Advanced Menu -> Quality of Service.

- I noticed a lot of call quality issues with ADSL 2, it is generally related to the codec, best to use G.7.11U

User facilities

- It is possible to get an alert email notification to your inbox when your usage reaches 80%, 90%, 100%, 110%, 150% or 200% of your account allowance. You can activate this service by login to the Member's facility.

Please follow the guild lines as below. Login to Member's Facility --> Information from Exetel --> TICK "ADSL/Wireless Usage-When your usage reaches 80%, 90%, 100%, 110%, 150% or 200% of your account allowance, we send you an email notification. --> Click on Subscribe to the Selected Newsletters

- I noticed a lot of customers not been able to log in the user facilities, i recommend the following to a lot of customers

Your member's username and PPP username are not the same. Please check whether you are using the correct one. If you are copy and paste the username from some where else, please make sure it does not contains additional spaces.

- At times the usage doesn't display (All zeros) in members facilities. The reason is because the account has been logged in with a different ADSL user name and password.

Eg : Customer might use the previous user name and the password.


- I'm not receiving some of my emails:

Please make sure your inbox in web-mail isn't full.
Please make sure your incoming and out going email server's are entered correctly.

- If an email account has problems with sending or receiving emails via the exemail service. First thing to check would be to try using webmail and send an email to their own address, this is to test if there is an issue with the server. If it's there then the email has successfully been sent through.