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== TP-LINK - TD- VG3631 User Guide - Fibre Broadband ==
== TP-LINK - TD- VG3631 User Guide - Fibre Broadband ==
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== '''Connecting Cables''' ==
To make '''TD-VG3631''' work as a wireless router, you should first connect a modem to '''LAN4/WAN port''' of TD-VG3631 and connect a computer to one of the other three LAN ports.

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TP-LINK - TD- VG3631 User Guide - Fibre Broadband

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Front Panel LED Status

Kindly find below the front panel LED light status and there indications.



Connecting Cables

Fibre cable setup.jpg

How to Log in to the Modem

1. Open any web browser on the customers computer

2. Type the below address as follows on the address bar of the web browser

Modem interface login address:


3. Once the above address is being typed on the address bar press enter

4. Then the below window will open prompting for a Username and a Password requesting authentication to log into the modem’s interface


5. The username and the password which need to be added into the above box is below as follows

Username: admin

Password: admin

6. Once logged into the modem’s interface proceed with the below steps

Network -- EWAN Settings

EWAN Configuration(Fibre Broadband configuration)

Note: please do not use "Quick Setup" after "EWAN" function (mode) is ON, as Quick Step is only suitable on ADSL mode.

1. Click on EWAN


2. Tick Enable Ethernet Connection.
3. Click on the drop-down box and select PPPoE.


3. Enter the Fibre broad band username and password provided by Exetel.
4. Tick on Connect Automatically
5. Tick on Enable Fullcone NAT

ETH WAN Interface.png

6. Click on Save

Wireless Setup (Wi-Fi)

1. In order to setup wireless on the modem kindly follow the below steps

2. Click on basic setting under the wireless menu


3. Click on save to apply the settings

4. The click on wireless security, fill in the fields on the below interface


Voice Configuration (VoIP)

1. To add a new voice account to the modem, from the voice menu click SIP account


2. Click on add on the above interface to add a new VOICE account

3. Fill in the below information on the SIP account settings menu

Voice - SIP Account.png

4. Click on save to apply the details in to the modem