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Exetel provides telephony services via the Telstra Network as well as the Optus Network. You could also sign up for long distance call facilities with Exetel while having the telephone service with another provider.

How does Exetel provide telephone services via Optus?

The wireline bundle service combines the telephone line with the ADSL 2 product via Optus. It is not possible to have the wireline on its own, since eXeTeL is contracted to have both the ADSL and telephone line active with Optus.

What are the available telephone plans and prices?

Please visit for latest plan details.

How do I check telephone service availability?

please visit

How do I place an order for Telephone via Optus?

Exetel only offers Bundled services via the Optus Network, therefore you need to place the telephone order with the ADSL application.

How long does it take to provision the Telephone service?

Approximately 8- 10 Business days

How are the telephone call charges with Optus?

Visit for current call charges.

What are the install/connection charges for a new telephone service with Optus?

If you currently have Telstra Copper connected to your residence, but an inactive line, the activation charge for telephone and ADSL is $69. These charges are subject to change. Please visit for current charges.

  • These charges are only applicable if there's a working wall socket in the house. *************

I have been charged for phone calls listed for previous month with this month's invoice. Have you double charged me?

No. The wholesale supplier has a timeframe of 190 days to bill on calls made. Hence, as long as the itemize calls in the invoices are within 190 days you are liable to pay.

Is there any monthly minimum spend?

There's no monthly minimum spend. However, there's a monthly telephone rental.

Do these carry any SLA?

No, as these are residential grade services there is no Service Level Agreement.

What are the terms and conditions?

Please visit for terms and conditions.

Acceptable User Policy

Please visit

How am I billed for the phone calls?

Your call charges are fully itemised on the same invoice as your ADSL service.

How can I check on my call usage during the billing month?

Log in to your Exetel members facility to view your current month’s usage.

Can I cancel my ADSL and still have the phone line with Exetel (via Optus)?

This is not possible.