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New services will have a loopback (Red) plug with a Tag (Orange) left on the handoff by the technician as indicated in Figure 1. This should include the service details. In situations where the NTU or the service tag is hard to be located, you can contact the nominated sales engineer for assistance. 24x7 Support line +61280301050

NTU -1.jpg

(Figure 1)

NTUs usually get installed in the comms room or rack for the building unless a specific location was requested at the install stage. In situations where there is no specific location defined for comms equipment within a building or the respective floor, NTU will be wall mounted in an enclosure as indicated in Figure 2.

NTU -2.jpg

(Figure 2)

If NTU cannot be placed within reach of the demarcation, Handoff will be extended. It could be RJ45 socket (Figure 3) or wires only (Copper/Fibre – Figure4)

NTU -3.jpg

(Figure 3)

NTU -4.jpg

(Figure 4)

NTU provided could be one of the following

TWS- EOF.jpg

TWS- EOF2.jpg

TWS- EOF3.jpg

TWS- EOF4.jpg

For Fibre services with 4G failover, below NTU will be provided.

Telstra Fibre with 4G backup.jpg