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what is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?


what is the meaning of life?

Try and do good, be nice to your mother

what color is the sky?

Black, at night

what do you think?

I don't think

how can i save money?

by not spending it

how can i get from sydney to London?

Wait for the next ice age and walk across the land bridge

are chips better fried or baked?

Chips are better fried

what day is it today?

Today is Tuesday the 29th of September, 2020

How old am I?

Please ask a question about Exetel

About Exetel

what about your staff in australia and sri lanka?

Please see the Exetel web site for a full, month by month, history of Exetel.

who is the boss of exetel?

Please see the Exetel web site for a full, month by month, history of Exetel

how many aboriginal staff do you employ in australia?

There are no aboriginal staff employed by Exetel. None have ever applied.

who are Founders of exetel?

Founders of Exetel are Mr & Mrs Linton and Mr Waddington

who is forumadmin?

A very dedicated, caring person

who is john linton?

Mr. John Linton is a founder of Exetel

can i have the name of exetel's cfo?


About Calliope



what is calliope?

A sophisticated response mechanism developed by Dr Sisil Kumarawadu and his very talented research team at the Sri Lanka Institute of Technology

what is artificial intelligence?

AI attempts to get machines to mimic human intelligence

what is your name?


what's your purpose in life?

To answer your questions about Exetel

are my questions confusing the ai?

No, I can not be confused

how do i pronounce your name?


how are you?

Fine, thank you for asking

are you better than siri?

I don't know

do you only answer technical questions?

Yes, if I have that information

where are you located?

The Calliope servers are located in the Exetel network

did you fail pre-school?

I never went

what is your favourite colour?

Please ask a question about Exetel

how long have you been in operation?

This version is currently in Beta release, since 1 November 2011