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How are VoIP calls charged/ billed?

Calls to another person’s SIP number will cost you nothing (Calling between Exetel VoIP users is free). Calls to any line that requires PSTN connection or to a different VoIP provider will be charged. These are charged at the VoIP rates on our website. http://www.exetel.com.au/voip_planA.php

Examples of chargeable call would be calls to PSTN land lines, calls to mobiles, calls to STD and international PSTN destinations.

How can I view my VoIP bill?

Your VoIP bill is viewable online. If you have a fixed-line long distance service with Exetel and/or a mobile service or any other Exetel service, the VoIP call details will be displayed and itemized on the same bill. All the calls are recorded on number of hours/minutes/seconds and also the time and the date of the call made. You can access your bill by logging on to your member’s facility.

Is it possible to keep my VoIP account after canceling my ADSL service?

Yes. VoIP service can continue to be active after the ADSL service is canceled. When you request to cancel your ADSL service via Members Facilities area, you are given the opportunity to cancel or keep the VoIP service as well. At that time select No.

Who is billing the VoIP calls?

All billing of VoIP customer calls are done by eXeTeL in house systems.

How do I cancel VoIP service?

Please visit the Service Cancellation Page for more information on canceling your VoIP service.