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Applying for VoIP

Who can use Exetel VoIP services?

In order to use Exetel's VoIP services you must be an existing broadband user on Exetel's ADSL or Exetel's Mobile Broadband services with a minimum speed of 512/128 kbps.

Standalone VoIP services are offered for Business Grade customers.

You can order VoIP service from members facility area.

What are the currently available VoIP plans?

For residential VOIP plans visit - http://exetel.com.au/residential-voip-overview.php

For Business/Corporate VOIP plans visit - http://exetel.com.au/corporate-voice-main.php

How can I order VoIP services?

You can purchase or place an order for VoIP via the Members Facilities area.

1. Go to Member Facilities area.


ADSL users: Go to Order Services -> VoIP


Mobile Broadband users: Go to VoIP


3. Select the VoIP package you require by ticking the relevant radio button.

4. Add the required number by using the Add>> and <<Remove buttons.

5. Order if you need any VoIP hardware and enter the delivery address.

6. Read the given Terms and Conditions carefully and tick the radio button for I agree, if you agree with them.

7. Click Confirm Order button to submit the registration.

8. You will receive an email with the Username and Password.

How long does it take to provision the VoIP service?

With a majority of services provided there is a huge time gap before a service could be provided, with VoIP it is quite a different time frame.

  • Existing user: Instantly (Once a VoIP service is ordered via the user facilities it would be activated on the spot, a username and password would be emailed to you).
  • New User: Once the ADSL is activated an email will be sent to you automatically containing the username and password with in 24-48hours. If this doesn't occur please follow the instructions above.

Exetel doesn't offer the VoIP services on it's own as you're required to either have a ADSL or Mobile Broadband service in order to have a VoIP account.

Is there a phone line rental for VoIP?

There is no phone line rental for VoIP. However some of plans require the customer to have a minimum spend/use per month.

This is an added benefit with all our ADSL/Mobile Broadband services, hence there is no cost to activate the VoIP.

Is there an activation fee for VoIP?

No, there isn't any activation fee for VoIP.

Can I apply to use VoIP service on my uncapped cable connection (Telstra Bigpond).

No, you must have an Exetel ADSL service to apply for VoIP services with Exetel.

Can I apply for VoIP if I have the bundled ADSL 2 service ?

Yes, there are no problems with applying for VoIP when you have a bundled ADSL 2 service.

Can I use VoIP instead of the traditional (PSTN) phone service?

Yes you are able to use VoIP instead of PSTN if you have a VoIP adaptor (ATA) or a VoIP compatible DSL modem. Some modems have the capability to allow you to switch between making a VoIP call or PSTN call out.

Can I have the same VoIP number if I upgrade to ADSL 2 from current ADSL 1 plan?

Yes, you can use the same VoIP number when you upgrade your ADSL services.

Should I select a VoIP DID number of my local area?

No you may pick whatever VoIP DID or state number that suits you.

Can I port numbers from the PSTN to VoIP?

Please visit PSTN to VoIP page for more information on PSTN to VoIP.

Using VoIP

What are the methods of using VoIP?

There are several ways of using VoIP:

  • Soft phone - Alternate software running on your computer such as Xlite could be used to have VoIP working. Calls could be made and received from a personal computer. The only requirements are a computer, sound card, Internet connection & headphone with a Microphone.
  • MODEM with VoIP features - MODEMs such as the "NB9WMAXXN" has the VoIP feature inbuilt into the hardware. There is an additional port at the back of the MODEM where a standard hand set is plugged in to make calls.
  • ATA Adapter- If your modem is not VoIP compatible, you may purchase an ATA device which has a port to plug in a standard hand set.
  • VoIP Phone - If your current modem is not VoIP compatible, you may purchase a VoIP Hand set to make and receive VoIP calls.
  • Mobile phones - VoIP can be used via mobile phones provided the mobile has Mobile Broadband or WiFi enabled & the mobile has no restrictions with VoIP software been enabled/installed.

How do I set up VoIP?

Please visit VoIP Setup Guides for set up information of some selected hardware. Our VoIP Support page also has guidelines on how to configure your VoIP service.

How can I make a VoIP call?

You can follow one of following methods to make a VoIP call depending on how you are connected to VoIP.

If you have a VoIP handset or a handset connected to an ATA/Modem, simply dial as you would normally. If you are using soft phone software with a microphone and headset, you can use the keypad on your computer keyboard or your mouse to dial the number.

How can I make international calls using VoIP?

Using VoIP application, you can dial – <0011><country code><destination number> to make international calls.

Example: Suppose you want to dial 7086XXXXXX in UK. You need to dial 0011 44 7086XXXXXX.

Can I use VoIP with Mobile Broadband?

Yes, there shouldn't be any problems using VoIP with Mobile Broadband. The speed would however need to be consistent.

Can I use VoIP on my iPhone/Android Phone?

Yes, you can use VoIP in your iPhone provided that you have a VoIP compatible application installed.

Can I use my Computer while I take a VoIP call on the Phone?

Yes. You can use your computer while making a VoIP call.

Can I use the VoIP service wherever I need?

You may be able to use your VoIP service wherever you travel as long as you have a high speed internet connection available. In that case it would work the same as from your home or business.

Does my computer need to be turned on to use VoIP?

Only the broadband internet connection needs to be active and your computer need not be turned on if you are making VoIP calls with a phone and adapter or special VoIP phone.

Can I connect a FAX machine with Exetel supplied VoIP services?

No, you may not connect a FAX machine to VoIP. But you can use the Exetel e-mail to fax service or fax to e-mail service.

Can a single SIP account accept multiple incoming VoIP calls?

Yes, a single SIP account can accept multiple incoming VoIP calls.

Can I get incoming VoIP calls with soft phone software?

Yes, you can receive incoming VoIP calls using free X-Lite software. You will need to purchase an ATA if you want this. The Exetel VoIP service recommends that the soft phone software you select uses the G.729 codec for the lowest recommended ADSL (512/128) connection. Here are the differences between the 2 codecs:

G.729 - Low Bandwidth Usage

G.711 - High Bandwidth Usage

How can I use VoIP via 'Soft Phone' ?

If you would prefer to use your PC's sound card and a head set to make and receive VoIP calls you will need 'soft phone' software from the provider of your choice.

Exetel recommends that the soft phone software you select uses the G.729 codec. You may select free software that uses G.711 but be advised that you can only make outgoing calls. Incoming calls cannot be received.

How can I use VoIP via a handset?

You can use most standard handsets to connect to a VoIP service by purchasing the appropriate adapter however you must only use the G729 Codec. A single port adapter will allow you to connect your current handset to your VoIP service but to accept incoming PSTN calls, or to make outgoing calls over PSTN, you would need to unplug it from the modem and then plug it directly in to the PSTN telephone socket; this is generally not workable for most people.

To allow you to use your current PSTN handset to make and receive standard PSTN calls you will need a dual port adapter that plugs in to both your VoIP service as well as remaining connected to your standard telephone service.

Plan Changes

How can I change my current VoIP plan?

You may change over to one of the newly available plans through your member’s facility.

Go to Manage Services >> VoIP

Voip planchange 01.jpg

Select Change VoIP Service tab and click on Change button under Change Plan column.

Voip planchange 02.jpg

Select the new plan you need, read the agreement and click on Change button.

Voip planchange 03.jpg

How long does it take to change VoIP plans?

VoIP plan changes will come in to effect with your next billing cycle.

How much is the VoIP plan change fee?

There is no plan change fee for VOIP services at the moment.

Is there a downtime for my current VoIP connection when I change my plan?

There is no downtime for VoIP plan changes as it will be an automated process.

Will I be on a new contract when I change my VoIP plan?

There is no new contract term for VoIP plan changes.


Is there a contract on VoIP?

At the moment there are no contracts on VoIP accounts however refer to http://www.exetel.com.au/voip_planA.php

Are there any SLA on VoIP?

Residential voip services do not carry any service level agreements.


What is a codec?

Codecs provide a compression of the voice calls; if you raise the codec higher you would have better voice quality. If a connect doesn’t have enough bandwidth then raising the codec isn’t recommended.

ADSL 1 512/128 - G.729

ADSL 1 1500/256 & Up - G.711U

ADSL 2 - G.711U

Here is an example of the codec settings for a Dynalink.


Which codec should I use for VoIP with ADSL 1 and ADSL 2?

Which codec to be used for VoIP would depend on the speed of your ADSL connection.

ADSL 1 - G.729U

8MB or ADSL 2 - G.711U

How much data will be used for a VoIP call

You can roughly calculate the amount of data used for a VoIP call using the Bandwidth Calculator in your members facility area.

1. Login to Members Facility

2. Select Manage Services -> VoIP

3. Select the Bandwidth Calculator option

4. Select the amount of minutes and the codec to calculate bandwidth

Voip bandwidth.jpg


Why is my phone line provider billing me when I only make calls through the VoIP service?

It is very likely that your VoIP device has a backup system which automatically switches to the current voice service provider when the VoIP service is down.

If I didn't have a DID and I made a VoIP call what would the caller ID phone number be that was displayed at the destination? Could it be set to my Telstra PSTN number?”

We can't set the caller ID to a Telstra number - there are legal issues aside from any technical. The number is the responsibility of Telstra, and tagging the call with that number would be deemed as fraud.

The transparent DID would be set to the default caller ID for our network, and then set to restricted, so it comes up as "Private Number".

White Pages listing of Numbers for VoIP Services

Exetel has no involvement in the process of listing VoIP service numbers for White Pages listings.

If you have been given a new VoIP DID number or range of numbers by Exetel there is no automatic White Pages listing.

If you have ported a PSTN/ISDN service to VoIP, the White Pages listing will be retained until the next release.

It will then be removed automatically.

If you wish to retain your White Pages listing, you must contact Sensis directly and provide/update your details.

Sensis contact details:



Contact number 1800 810 211

e-mail - e-mail@sensis.com.au

When purchasing one of Exetel ADSL/Mobile Broadband service, is it compulsory to use your VoIP service?

No, you are free to use whoever VoIP provider that you prefer.