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|Toggle Repeat Dial on Busy        
|Toggle Repeat Dial on Busy        
|Auto redial on busy
|Auto redial on busy
|One phone number rings multiple phones. The first to answer will get the call.

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VoIP > VoIP - Support


Exetel VOIP Service Features

What are the features supported by Exetel VoIP service?

The following features are supported by the Exetel VoIP service but whether or not they are usable by a customer will depend on the capabilities of the softphone or hardware selected by the customer.

Feature Description
Call Hold Put call on Hold
Call Waiting Allow/Disallow an audible indicator for a pending call
Call Transfer Transfer a call to another phone
Call Transfer w/Conference Transfer a call to another phone, talk with the 3rd party prior to the transfer
3 Way Call Conference Conference an inbound party and the original called party with 3rd party
Call Forward Always Always forward the phone to the number setup in the phone provisioning
Call Forward on Busy Forward the phone to the number setup in the phone provisioning on busy
Toggle Call Forward No Answer Forward the phone to the number setup in the phone provisioning on no answer
Do Not Disturb Don't accept calls
Anonymous Call Reject Don't allow calls without caller ID
Toggle Repeat Dial on Busy Auto redial on busy
Voicemail Calls to a phone which is busy or does not answer are routed to voicemail

How can I enable/change special VOIP features?

You can enable/change special VoIP features by dialing following numbers.

Dial 0110 - Disable call forwarding

Dial 0111X - Enable call forwarding (having X as destination number)

Dial 0120 - Disable voicemail

Dial 0121 - Enable voicemail

Dial 0130 - Turn DIDless off

Dial 0131 - Turn DIDless on

Dial 0140X - Set the timeout ring (having X in seconds, max 50 seconds allowed)

Is it possible for a call to be forwarded from VoIP to a regular land line?

Yes, it is possible to forward calls from VoIP to a regular land line.

If you are using an ATA which supports call forwarding (on busy, always etc) you may enter any number (land line/mobile or another SIP account) into the required setting on the ATA and point it back to the soft switch. Exetel’s soft switch will successfully route the call from there.

You can also configure call forwarding via Exetel member’s facilities and it will take 5min to be activated.

How are forwarded VoIP calls charged?

Forwarded VoIP calls are charged in the following manner.

Based on the scenario that A calls B, then B forwards to C.

B will be specified as the originator of the call and will bear all charges for the call.

A will have a duration of 0 seconds and not be billed.

How do I activate call forward for VoIP?

Exetel VoIP service support call forwarding from the server end. That means you need to configure your call forwarding number in your member facility or by dialing certain codes through your VoIP phone.

Note that call forwarding can't be set in the End User devices.

Call forwarding works even if the voip is not registered or when you failed to answer the call.

  • To activate call forwarding from VoIP phone

To activate : Dial 0111X. (where X. is the 10 digit telephone number that you want your calls to be forwarded)

To Deactivate : Dial 0110

  • To activate call forwarding from Members Facility

1. Login to Members Facility using your username and password.

2. On the left menu goto Manage Services -> VoIP (refer the screenshot below).

Voip forwarding 1.png

3. On the top menu, click the Change VoIP Service link (refer the screenshot below).

File:Voip forwarding 2.png

4. Click the Configure button under the Configure Telephone tab (refer the screenshot below).

Voip forwarding 3.jpg

5. Enter the number you wish to forward to Call Forward field located under the Chargeable Features section (located towards the bottom of the page.)

6. Click the Change button.

Note: In some cases, it might take several minutes to apply the forwarding feature.

File:Voip forwarding 4.png

How can I activate/deactivate Display Caller ID on VOIP?

You can setup to show your CallerID or not at your choice for outgoing VoIP calls. This can be setup via your members facility or from your VOIP phone

  • From VoIP Phone

To Activate your CallerID :Dial 0130

To Deactivate CallerID : Dial 0131

  • From Exetel member’s facilities
1. Login to Members Facility using your username and password.
2. On the left menu goto Manage Services -> VoIP
3. On the top menu, click the Change VoIP Service link
4. Click the Configure button under the Configure Telephone tab
5. Select "Yes" for Caller ID
6. Click the Change button.

If you Deactivate your CallerID When you make outgoing calls, your CallerID may display as “private number” in the destination

How do I bar Outgoing or Incoming calls on VoIP?

You can setup call bar for all outgoing calls, bar only international calls, bar only mobile calls or bar all incoming calls.

You will be able to enable/disable this option via Exetel member’s facilities area.

1. Login to Members Facility using your username and password.

2. On the left menu goto Manage Services -> VoIP

3. On the top menu, click the Change VoIP Service link

4. Click the Configure button under the Configure Telephone tab

5. Tick for necessary options. (as shown in below image)


6. Click the Change button.

If you bar your all outgoing calls still you have incoming calls.

If you bar all incoming calls you can still make outgoing calls.

How do I block nuisance calls on VoIP?

With VoIP you can block certain numbers if you don't want to receive calls from that particular numbers.

For nuisance blocking there's an option in your members facility that you can list the numbers that you want to block separated by a comma. (as shown in the following image.)


How can I troubleshoot a VoIP issue?

Voip has several problems which are categorized, a majority of voip problems aren't due to the voip infrastructure but rather due to complex hardware or software related.

Voip services won't work correctly if the internet connection has any sort of problem, the internet must be fixed before the voip could be examined.

Voip entirely relies on the internet to function correctly.

Exetel staff could assist with the set up of VoIP devices by accessing the modem remotely, however if a different branded device that is been used (Not Netcomm or Dynalink) Exetel can only try to make an attempt. Any further problems must be followed up by the customer with configuration.

Here are instruction's for enabling remote access on a few modem:


Information on setting up VoIP on modems and the software phone can be found on the VoIP modem Setup Guides page.

You can also find a VoIP troubleshooting guide from here

What should I do if there is no connectivity/registration with VoIP

A no connectivity/registration problems is when the VoIP account cannot be authenticated into the exetel VoIP server, generally this could be due to the following:

Issue Solution
Incorrect username and password Recheck your username and password and enter it back in.
Incorrect configuration Check sip settings: or sip1.exetel.com.au
Port forwarding Modem doesn't have port forwarding correctly, refer to the manual.
Faulty device Test an alternate voip devices or via the soft phone application
Firewall Disable/remove Fire wall's or Anti virus programs (Check through the modem and computer)

What are the Known Modem problems for VoIP ?

  • Billion 7400 series

Quality problems

Codec’s need to be changed and set as the following image:


As show in the image the other pirority needs to be "not used"

It should either be G.729 or G.711 U-law depending on your connection.

  • Belkin modems

Not able to receive calls

With Belkin modems they are generally locked to the iinet voip services, calls could be made but not received. This should be followed up with iinet as Exetel is unable to action any further.

  • Dynalink 1046

Calls been delayed before the voice is connected.

Dynalink delay.JPG

VOIP Configurations/Settings

What are VoIP configurations/settings?

You need to configure your VoIP service using some of this information.

User ID - Your 10 digit VoIP number

SIP server -

Domain - or sip1.exetel.com.au

SIP Port - 5060

Display Name - Your 10 digit VoIP number

Authorization Name - Your 10 digit VoIP number

Codec - G.729 (ADSL 1 512kbps - 1500kbps) G.711U (ADSL 1 8000kbps - ADSL 2)

Packet Size - 20msec

My VOIP isn't able to register what should I do?

If you can not register your VoIP service, check the SIP settings it should be: as well and your VoIP username and password, these details are different to the ADSL username and password.

Why can't I make calls after my VOIP has registered?

If you can't make VoIP calls after registering, it is best to run a different corded handset (Not cordless phone). If there is any firewalls with in the MODEM it is best to disable them.

If the VoIP is running through a soft phone then recheck the firewalls as it could be causing restrictions.

How do I set up VoIP for android?

To use VOIP on android, you need to have an appropriate software like SIPDriod for VOIP installed on Android and have valid Exetel VoIP account details.

Call Quality

Why do I get low call quality for my VoIP calls?

Call Quality problems with VoIP are general when the voice call is been delayed or echoed which is generally due to hardware problems or the internet not having enough bandwidth.

The following should be checked to determine the problem:

  • Incorrect codec been assigned

Solution: Please click here

  • Slow speed on the internet connection


Restrict all downloading when making calls to see if there is any improvements.

Run a speed test to see if you're getting enough bandwidth for your VoIP: www.exetel.com.au/speed

If there is a speed problem then it is best to resolve this issue first before looking into the VoIP problem.

Test with a different corded handset at the back of the modem on a different VoIP port.

If above is still causing problems the next step is to test the VoIP through xlite (softphone) and see if the same problem is able to be replicated.

I notice there are delays with VoIP calls, what could be the problem?

Delays in VoIP calls could be due to not enough bandwidth with in the Internet connection or the Internet running slowly (restrict downloads as well as any p2p applications). It is best to run a speed test and check if the Internet is having problems first.

I can hear my friend but he can't hear me on VoIP. What's the problem? (One way audio)

One way audio is when a VoIP call is able to either hear the other end without the other end hearing anything back or vice-versa.

The following should be checked to determine the problem:

  • Check firewalls have been disabled, this includes the modem firewall as well as the computer firewall.
  • If a modem with voip or a separate ATA unit is used, test with a different port on your unit. NOTE: ensure that you've removed the voip username and password from the other account before testing this.
  • Test with a different corded handset at the back of the Voip device.
  • Check if port forwarded has been enabled correctly.

No-one can call me what should I do ? (Unable to receive VoIP calls)

No one would be able to call your VoIP number when a VoIP account is registered and active through the modem but unable to receive any incoming calls.

Check the configuration if the VOIP is registered, if the VOIP is registered then test with an alternate handset as well as resetting your equipment. If the account isn't registered check the SIP settings it should be: as well as your VOIP username and password, these details are different to the ADSL username and password.


Recheck configuration - A common problem is that an actual name is entered into the *display name* or *caller name*

Caller name.JPG

Here is an example of the caller name from the dynalink modem.

The *caller name* or *display name* has to be the VoIP number.

Firewalls also could restrict any incoming calls.


Disable firewalls with in the modem and computer

Double registration could confuse where a VoIP call be coming, it is best to only have ONE VoIP account registered and not to be used at another location or harder.

Double registeration.JPG

The above is an example from dynalink, notice the below voip details need to be removed from one voip port.

Different hand sets may also make a difference, it is recommended that cordless phones aren't used.


Test with a different corded handset (cordless phones aren't recommended)

Why do all my VoIP calls cut out after 10 minutes? (Calls ending after a certain duration)

This is when VoIP calls hang up after a period of time.This could be due to the configuration with in the modem or soft phone


Every modem is different so its best to refer to the manual, below is the example of a Dynalink.

Dynalink Duration.JPG Notice the session timer

If this been the case then increase the session timer to ensure calls last longer.


What is a codec?

Codecs provide a compression of the voice calls; if you raise the codec higher you would have better voice quality. If a connect doesn’t have enough bandwidth then raising the codec isn’t recommended.

ADSL 1 512/128 - G.729

ADSL 1 1500/256 & Up - G.711U

ADSL 2 - G.711U

Here is an example of the codec settings for a Dynalink.


Which codec should I use for VoIP with ADSL 1 and ADSL 2?

Which codec to be used for VoIP would depend on the speed of your ADSL connection.

ADSL 1 - G.729U

8MB or ADSL 2 - G.711U

How much data will be used for a VoIP call

You can roughly calculate the amount of data used for a VoIP call using the Bandwidth Calculator in your members facility area.

1. Login to Members Facility

2. Select Manage Services -> VoIP

3. Select the Bandwidth Calculator option

4. Select the amount of minutes and the codec to calculate bandwidth

Voip bandwidth.jpg


Why does staff request us to test through xlite ?

We request you to test through xlite because there are generally less problems when running VOIP through the soft phone, the best way to resolve a problem if we're able to replicate.

This is to determine where the problem lies.

From where can I get additional assistance on connecting to Exetel's VoIP services?

The Exetel help forum is a good place to get assistance on connecting to Exetel's VoIP services for devices not covered in the above links or to get further assistance with 'fine tuning' your preferred device and can be found here.


When purchasing one of Exetel ADSL/Mobile Broadband service, is it compulsory to use your VoIP service?

No, you are free to use whoever VoIP provider that you prefer.

Why is my phone line provider billing me when I only make calls through the VoIP service?

It is very likely that your VoIP device has a backup system which automatically switches to the current voice service provider when the VoIP service is down.

Does the V210P ATA support fax transmission?

No. Fax requires a different protocol which the Netcomm V210P does not support.

Fax via IP is performed using a protocol called T38. While some softswitch’s say they support FoIP, our tests performed have proven inconclusive. Exetel have found them somewhat unreliable. By all means, feel free to try your own. We cannot, however, guarantee its effectiveness.

If I didn't have a DID and I made a VoIP call what would the caller ID phone number be that was displayed at the destination? Could it be set to my Telstra PSTN number?”

We can't set the caller ID to a Telstra number - there are legal issues aside from any technical. The number is the responsibility of Telstra, and tagging the call with that number would be deemed as fraud.

The transparent DID would be set to the default caller ID for our network, and then set to restricted, so it comes up as "Private Number".

When I make an outgoing VoIP call I just hear one brief ringing sound, then abrupt silence.

If you hear one brief ringing sound, then abrupt silence when making an outgoing VoIP call please follow these steps.

Download the patch from the following link and update your modem firmware accordingly.


The following is the step-by-step process of applying the patch:

1. In your browser, enter the IP address of your Dynalink router. The default address is

2. Log on using your administrative user name and password. Default is admin and admin.

3. Go to Management -> Update Firmware.

4. Follow the on screen instructions . Use the Browse button to locate the file.

5. Click Update Firmware and wait for the process to complete.

This should resolve your issue. You can also check out the following thread for further details: https://forum.exetel.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=58&t=37235&start=60

White Pages listing of Numbers for VoIP Services

Exetel has no involvement in the process of listing VoIP service numbers for White Pages listings.

If you have been given a new VoIP DID number or range of numbers by Exetel there is no automatic White Pages listing.

If you have ported a PSTN/ISDN service to VoIP, the White Pages listing will be retained until the next release.

It will then be removed automatically.

If you wish to retain your White Pages listing, you must contact Sensis directly and provide/update your details.

Sensis contact details:



Contact number 1800 810 211

e-mail - e-mail@sensis.com.au