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Can I obtain some kind of answering service with VoIP?

There is a voice-mail service that can be activated at the softswitch level for your SIP. This is activated by default.

You can setup voice-mail to divert calls to your voice mail box if your VoIP is not registered or if you don't answer to a call. You can also set a desired email address to receive your voice-mail attachment via email.

How do I access voice-mail through VoIP?

You can dial 121 from your VoIP phone to access your voice mail box and listen to the messages left

You can also record your unavailable or busy message after dialing 121.

Record Unavailable message

1.Dial 121

2.Press 0 for mailbox options

3.Press 1 to record your Unavailable Message

Record Busy message

1.Dial 121

2.Press 0 for mailbox options

3.Press 2 to record your Busy Message

Record Your name

Press 3 in the mailbox option to record your name

Record Temporary Greeting Message

Press 4 in the mailbox option to record your Greeting message.

You can enable and disable voice-mail feature via your VoIP phone.

  • To Activate voice-mail - Dial 0121
  • To Deactivate voice-mail - Dial 0120

What are the charges to deposit & retrieve voice-mail via VoIP?

Voice-mail with VoIP is free of charge.

How long are voice-mail (for VoIP) messages kept on the server?

Voice mail messages (for VoIP) are only kept forever, until you delete[Or exetel staff can delete all voice messages if requested].

Is there a limit to how much voice-mail can be kept for VoIP service?

The limit for voice-mail is 100 messages per mailbox which means 100 messages per Exetel VoIP DID.

I have a DIDless VoIP service. Can people calling me leave a voice-mail message?

No calls can be received on a DIDless VoIP service, therefore voice-mail is not required.

You can only use the DIDless service for outgoing calls .