ZTE H268A - Bridge Mode

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Steps to configure ZTE H268A into Bridge Mode:

1. Log in to the Administrator mode – and enter Username/Password as admin/admin

2. Select "Internet" in top menu

3. Select "WAN" in left menu

4. Chose WAN type that you want to bridge – DSL or Ethernet

5. Select "+Create New Item" to create your new Bridge Mode connection

6. Name your "Connection Name" as something useful like "Exetel_ADSL_Bridge"

7. Select appropriate "DSL Transfer Mode" – ATM for ADSL (VPI/VCI = 8/35) or PTM for VDSL. For Ethernet, just select "Bridge Connection"

ZTE - 2.jpg

8. Select "Type" (ADSL/VDSL) as "Bridge Connection"

ZTE - 1.jpg

9. Hit "Apply" and you will be in bridge mode

10. Configure the 'client' (computer or Ethernet Router of your choice) that resides behind (LAN side) of the Bridge Mode modem as a PPPoE client with your Exetel broadband credentials