ADSL vs Fibre

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How is Fibre better than ADSL Service?

Fiber is better than ADSL in many aspects.

  • Speeds achievable are much higher than ADSL via Copper based medium. Typically Fibre services can reach up to 100Mbps or approximately five times faster than ADSL.
  • Increased reliability and consistence speeds as optical fibre is more resilient to degradation and other environmental factors.
  • Lower latency means a higher degree of Voice over IP (VoIP) quality and other latency dependant applications such ebay, stocktrading and online gaming.

What are the differences between Fibre and ADSL?

The differences between fubre and ADSL can be listed as follows;

  • ADSL is a way of using a pair of copper wires which is normally used for a phone line, to transfer high volumes of data. The copper wires were only originally designed to carry a phone call.
  • Fibre optic cables are especially designed to transfer high volumes of data. They are made of glass, not copper wires.
  • Speeds achieved on Fibre can be as high as 100Mbps download, up to 8Mbps upload. Naturally speeds can vary depending on accessing files locally or internationally .

What makes Fibre services more stable than ADSL?

The stability of fibre speeds are generally due to the consistency of glass compared to copper. The outing coat of an optical fibre cable is similar to copper that is used with ADSL however the inside is made from strings of glass. This cause light to run through the glass which is faster than copper.


Is Fibre more stable due to glass been used instead of copper metal, so electrical interference is not existent?

It is basically cylindrical glass tubing with a high refractive index, so that light can bounce around joyfully across locations. This means less degradation. Interference in terms of cross talk, no. These are cabled to protect the elements like copper, so if that is gone, it can suffer.

Does Fibre authenticate in the same way as the ADSL connection?

Yes, Fibre connects exchange directly from the property and authenticates in the same way as the ADSL. The only difference is that the Fibre is now in place between you and the Exchange (on the Telstra BRAS).

I have been using ADSL service for a while and its speed fluctuates time to time. Will Fibre speed also fluctuate like ADSL service?

One of the advantages of data transfer via Fibre is that speeds are continually and consistently more steady and of a higher throughput than ADSL. This is because the medium to distribute data are light pulses reflecting through highly refractive glass cylinders. As a result speed fluctuations that were once dependent on distance and copper 'quality' now is no longer their case.