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Welcome to Exewiki
The Information Pool of Exetel
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What is Exewiki?

Exewiki is the information pool of Exetel products and services. Exewiki is an easy to use, accessible and continuously updated online help ‘tool’ which will save your time by guiding you properly with step by step instructions on many commonly asked questions.

Useful Information

  • Setup Guides

The ADSL/FIBRE MODEM Setup Guides, Email Client Setup Guides, VoIP MODEM Setup Guides, Mobile Broadband Modem Setup Guides, iPhone APN Setup are featured in here.

Calliope - AI bot

Calliope uses the latest version of AI scripting that has been refined by Exetel over the past 24 months to be able to provide the answers to more commonly asked questions. Please click here and ask calliope your question.

Our Products and Services

You can find a list of our products and services here. By simply clicking on them, you can proceed to the product's wiki page. There you can find all the related topics discussed under that product.