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What is Email2Fax?

Email2Fax is a service provided by Exetel which allows you to send an email so that it is received as a fax. Sender can send the message or attachment as a normal email and that will be received by the receiver through a fax machine.

There are two methods of sending the Email2Fax:

  • Sending email by directly entering the text.
  • Attaching a document and sending via an email.

What formats can the attachments of Email2Fax be?

Following file formats are supported currently for Email2Fax.

  • .doc (Word Document)
  • .docx (Word Document)
  • .odt (Open Document)
  • .rtf (Rich Text Format)
  • .txt (Text File)
  • .gif (Image)
  • .jpeg (Image)
  • .png (Image)
  • .jpg (Image)
  • .bmp (Image)
  • .tiff (Image)
  • .tif (Image)
  • .xls (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • .xlsx (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • .ppt (Powerpoint Presentation)
  • .pdf (Portable Document Format)
  • .html
  • .xml

How much does it cost to send an Email2Fax?

The cost of sending a fax within Australia is 10 cents for the first page, 3 cents per page thereafter and 30 cents per fax for 1300 numbers. The cost of sending an international fax is a timed call to that country.

How do I register for Email2Fax?

Please follow the following steps to register for Email2Fax.

1. Go to Members Facilities area.

2. Click Premium VAS >> Fax Over IP option.


3. Go To Send Faxes tab.

4. Enter the Email address and the Password for the registration.

5. Click the Register Email Address button.


6. If the email registration is successful, the given email address will be displayed in the Registered Email addresses table.


7. You are now ready to send an email or attachment to an email, which will be received as a fax.

8. To send a fax, in the To field give the fax number and in the Subject field enter your password as below.


How long does it take to activate the Email2Fax service?

The service will be activated instantly once you register for Email2Fax via the Members Facilities area.

How do I send an Email2Fax?

Once the Email2Fax registration process is complete, you may send your email to fax in two ways, using the same method.

a) If there is no attachment, the contents of the email will be sent.

b) If you are sending an attachment in an email, it must be less than 5Mb in size.

The sending method adheres to a strict format.

1. Open your email client and click in the To: box, as you usually would to send an email.

2. Type in <destination fax number including the State Code> (the destination fax number must be preceeded by a 2 digit state code)

3. Enter the password you registered in the Subject line of the email. This is important, otherwise your document will not be received.


a) The email address registered in order to send faxes is a usual email address:

b) The password registered for this email address is “12345”

c) The destination fax number you want to send to is 0295662548.

d) The document you want to be received as a fax is “Example Fax”

Here is a screen shot of how the email is sent.


Can I add multiple addresses in the email "To" field when using Email2Fax?

Yes, you can add multiple addresses in the email "To" field when sending Email2Fax.

What happens if I don't include an attachment when sending Email2Fax?

If you do not include an attachment when sending Email2Fax, the body of your email will be sent as a fax.

Do I get notification of whether the fax went through or not?

A notification is received by the source email address notifying whether the fax went through or not. Eg. If you have sent an Email2Fax from you will receive a reply there. You will receive a failure notice or success notice depending on its success. Notification generally, depending on the load of the fax server and the attachment size, will be within 5 minutes.