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Internet Security Suite

What is F-Secure and who are they?

F-Secure Protection Service for Consumers is an award winning security solution protecting against computer viruses and other threats from the Internet. F-Secure, through Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Exetel, offer small/home office customers a comprehensive, easy to use and reliable security solution for a monthly subscription or as part of a bundled internet access offering.

F-Secure founded in 1988 and headquartered in Finland is globally recognised as a reliable security provider helping make computer/device users connected lives safe and easy.

Will my existing antivirus/PC protection software conflict with F-Secure?

Yes. You will have to uninstall all existing PC protection/security products or you will automatically be prompted to do so during the F-Secure software download process.

Will my existing online backup programs conflict with F-Secure Online Backup?

No. F-Secure backup will continue to work even if you have other online backup programs installed on your computer. However if you have more than one backup program on your computer, backing up files may take a longer time.

How long does it take to take to set up my F-Secure Security Solution?

Setting up your F-Secure Solution is a simple 2 step process which shouldn’t take longer than 10 - 15 minutes:

Step 1:

Submit a PC Security and Online Backup order via the Exetel website or through an Exetel sales representative.

Step 2:

After you have submitted your order through Exetel for an F-Secure service, you will receive an email with a URL and a subscription key (a 20 digit alpha numeric subscription initiation code number). You are required to download, install, run and activate (using the subscription key) the software on your device.

You will be prompted to enter your F-Secure subscription key and then simply follow the next few prompts that appear on your screen.

What is the installation procedure and what does each product offer?

F-Secure Internet Security

F-Secure® Internet Security™ offers better online security without slowing down your computer. It also provides enhanced protection against viruses, malicious software, spam, and cyber criminals.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the product using the Installation URL and select Save File.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file (F-SecureNetworkInstaller.exe).
  3. Follow the steps on screen (select language, accept license terms).
  4. Enter in your subscription key when requested (image inset).
  5. Click through the remaining steps and restart your computer if instructed to do so.


F-Secure Online Backup

F-Secure® Online Backup™ is an easy-to-use and fully automated backup & restore solution. All your important files are stored securely online.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the product using the Installation URL and select Save File.
  2. Run the downloaded file (image inset).
  3. Follow the steps on screen (select language, accept license terms).
  4. Enter in your subscription key when requested.
  5. Click through the remaining steps and restart your computer if instructed to do so.


Note: In the event the Installation URL provided in the email from Exetel doesn’t work, please contact Exetel provisioning.

What does the PC Security & Online Backup package come with?

The PC Security Package is packed with the following features:

  1. Complete protection against viruses and spyware.
  2. A firewall to prevent hacker attacks.
  3. Protection against identity theft and safety during online banking.
  4. Blocking of spam and phishing e-mails.
  5. Online Safety – automatically identifies and blocks harmful web sites.
  6. Parental Control – allows you to select the web content the user can access (i.e. helps filter content viewable by your children) by limiting web browsing by content or by only allowing access to selected websites.

The Online Backup Package is packed with the following features:

  1. Automatically backs up your irreplaceable content when changes have been made to the original backed-up files (this includes photos, movies, videos, MP3 music collection, important documents etc).
  2. Access your content from anywhere in the world. Simply login to the F-Secure portal ( with the account information you used to create the account.
  3. Easy content sharing with family, friends and colleagues.
  4. Protects your irreplaceable content from theft, accidental deletion and hard drive crashes and allows you to recover your backed-up content whenever you need it.

Why do I need a data security service?

F-Secure can name 7 good reasons why you should opt for PC Security:

  1. You get powerful anti-virus, antispyware and firewall solutions in one package.
  2. You also get an anti-spam solution to keep your inbox clean.
  3. The Parental Control function lets you define when children can use the Internet and block access to harmful sites.
  4. The program is easy to enable and updates itself automatically.
  5. Data security works reliably with your broadband connection as long as you have a valid contract with Exetel/the service provider.
  6. Billing, service and technical support all come from one place.
  7. The small monthly fee is billed along with your broadband connection rather than a huge upfront fee that comes with standalone security packages.

I don’t understand any of these technical terms related to security. What is a virus/malware/spyware etc?

Malware , short for malicious software, is any program that is designed specifically to damage or disrupt your computer. Examples of malware are viruses, worms, and Trojans. Malware can take control over your web browser, redirect your search attempts, show pop-up ads, keep track on the web sites you visit, and steal personal information like your banking information. Malware programs can also cause your computer to become slow and unstable.

Spam messages are mass mailed e-mail copies of the same message which are sent to people who did not want to receive them.

Spyware is legal software that you may not want. It almost always installs itself without your permission, for example, as the result of clicking an option in a misleading pop-up window, or together with a useful program. Some spyware programs collect information on your browsing habits for a third party, which can be a person, a server, or another software program. Some spyware programs can also gather information about your e-mail addresses, passwords and credit card numbers.

A Trojan is usually a standalone program that performs destructive or other malicious actions. Destructive actions can vary from erasing or modifying the contents of files on a hard drive to a complete destruction of data. A backdoor Trojan is a remote access tool that can allow a hacker to get full control over the entire infected system. They can send, receive and run files and even listen and see what happens at the computer if it is equipped with a microphone or a webcam.

A virus is usually a program that can attach itself to files and replicate itself repeatedly. Viruses can alter and replace the contents of other files.

How can I check that my computer is protected and that automatic updates are working?

The Status page shows you a quick overview of installed product features and their current status. To open the Status page, click Status on the main page.

The icons show you the status of the program and its security features:


What is online safety?

Online Safety helps you and your family to browse the web safely. In addition to protecting you against malicious software and web sites, you can also restrict the type of content that can be viewed by your children. The product uses Windows user accounts to control the settings for each member of your family. Only someone with administrative access rights is allowed to change the product settings for the various Windows user accounts. We recommend that you set up a separate Windows user account for each family member. For example, parents can have administrative access rights, and children can have normal access rights for their Windows user accounts.

Online Backup - where is my online backed up data stored?

Your backed up information is stored in a secure datacenter which are run using the latest technology. They are secured, watched, connected through multiple power and network lines and your data is fragmented into F-Secure’s numerous servers.

Will online backup work on my computer?

Online Backup works on all Windows operating systems from XP upwards and MAC OS 10.4 upwards. It runs on the background so if you leave your computer on a couple of nights, all your files will be backed up. After that, there are probably only one or two files per day to back up, so it’s almost real time.

Can I upgrade my PC Security and Backup Service? Is there a plan change fee involved?

Yes you are allowed to upgrade your service via your Exetel Members Facilities or contact Exetel Residential Sales for assistance (02 8030 1000 – Select Option 1). A plan change fee does not apply.

Plan downgrades are not allowed.

Why does my Internet Connection appear to be slower than before the installation?

The service uses the bandwidth of your Internet connection. The first Online Backup may take a long time, and temporarily slow down your Internet connection. However, the next backups are faster because only the amended files are backed up. The files are backed up in the background, and you may not even notice it.

How do I uninstall the program?

To uninstall the program:

a. In Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7, click Start.

b. Click Control Panel - Programs.

c. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.

d. Scroll down the list until you see the program, select it and click Remove/Uninstall.

Your account expires at the end of the subscription period. After this, you cannot access your backup or restore your files anymore unless you decide to renew your subscription with Exetel.

Is the Online Backup service secure and reliable?

Yes. The files are secured while in transit and in storage and then transferred securely to online data centres using the same security measures similar to online banking. Only the files on the hard disk of your computer are included in the backup.

How often do I have to backup?

You only have to do one major backup of the documents, images and music that you require to backup. After that the F-Secure Online Backup program monitors any changes that have been made to the files on your computer and automatically backs them up, thereby updating the files located in your secure online storage space.

What happens if I accidentally delete a backed-up file on my computer?

You have a certain number of days to restore the deleted file. The default restoration period is 30 days; you can change this period to 15, 30 or 45 days by selecting the “Settings” tab on your F-Secure launch pad and changing the “Keep deleted files” period.

How do I select which content is backed up?

After installing and activating the product, you can start the first backup. You are asked to select the content to be backed up. You can back up files by, by files and folders, or both.

How do I restore lost files?

Follow these instructions to restore files from your online backup:

  1. Select Restore in the user interface.
  2. Select the content that you want to restore (by files and folders, or all).
  3. Follow the instruction on screen to complete the restore operation.

This procedure is perfect for restoring files that have been accidentally deleted or otherwise lost.