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Optic Fibre services with in selected NSW/VIC areas are offered through Opticomm as the whole sale, currently Optic Fibre services through this area are trial periods. An active working phone line is not required to activate Optic Fibre as the service could be similar to “Naked Fibre” the Telstra infrastructure is required (The telephone line could be lease by a telco but their supplier needs to be via Telstra). A phone line is not required also to run a service qualification check.

Visit for new plan details.

Visit for Optic Fibre (Opticomm) Terms & Conditions.

Applying for Optic Fibre service (Opticomm)

Visit to view the application.

1. Check for coverage here: 2. Pre-requisites in order to apply:

It is not necessary to have an active telephone service in order to qualify an address. Our qualification tool checks a list of ‘lit’ addresses based on estates where Opticomm have laid Fibre.

3. Equipment required for an active Fibre to your home service

The equipments you require:

  • ONT - Optical Network Terminal which will be installed by a technician after you place an order.
  • Ethernet Router (WAN/LAN functionality).

4. Placing an order

An order can be placed via our website, or by calling: 1300 248 848 After you have placed an Order:

  • Your order will be sent to our supplier the following morning and based on the address availability advise you order of acceptance.
  • Once this has been confirmed, your order is scheduled to be activated anywhere within three to five busines days depending on technician availability (see below time frame table).
  • It is highly important that you be on site during the given appointment date. A technician (Tech-life contractor) will need to run the Fibre from the pit (on your street) to your network boundary point (first socket) and will need access to your home as the optical Fibre is run directly to your premises. First socket varies in terms of location (lounge room/hallway) for each dwelling depending on the wiring. You may be able to select where the ONT may be placed depending on whether the technician can feasibly do so.
  • A technician will then install an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) device in your premises. This device has an Ethernet port for the purpose of connecting to the Internet.
  • Once the technician has completed and confirmed testing to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT), eXeTeL will receive confirmation of completion and activate the final ‘switch’ by C.O.B on that day. The technician will firstly test line synchronization to the local Optical Line Terminal (OLT)at the exchange. Further tests will include authentication confirmation using his own details as well as a speed test to confirm the speed profile that was delivered.
  • It is recommended that for use of more than one PC/Laptop device, that the router gateway has both WAN and LAN port(s) for the purpose of connecting to the ONT.

Qualifying for Optic Fibre

Currently Optic Fibre is only covered in selected areas in NSW & VIC, an active phone with isn’t required to apply for Fibre through Opticomm. To check if Optic Fibre through Optiocomm is available in your area refer to the following link: