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(How do I create a blog using Exetel free blog-space?)
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3. Go to '''Manage Services''' and click on '''Web/Blog setup'''.  
3. Go to '''Premium VAS''' and click on '''Web Space and Blog'''.  

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Exetel provides free space to start your own blog and this is easy to create and maintain. You can make as much number of posts as you like in your blog and upload images, videos…etc.

How do I create a blog using Exetel free blog-space?

Please follow the below steps to create your own blog-space for free with Exetel.

1. Go to Exetel web site. http://www.exetel.com.au .

2. Log in to the Members Facilities area using your User name and the Password.

3. Go to Premium VAS and click on Web Space and Blog.


4. Select Blog Configuration option.

5. Click the Add Blog Space button.


6. Fill the following fields:

  • Blog Address – Address of your Blog Space
  • Email Address – Enter valid email address to receive notifications, replies once the Blog is setup.
  • Enter a Password and confirm the password by re-entering it in the field Confirm Password.
  • Blog Directory List – Tick this check box if you need to list your blog in the eXeTeL blog directory.

7. Click the Add button.

8. A notification will be sent to your contact email address once you created the blog .