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(How do I set up my Mailbox in iPad?)
(How do I set up my Mailbox in iPad?)
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How do I set up my Mailbox in iPad?

Please follow these steps to set up your Mailbox in iPad

  • Click on the settings tab from the home screen.
  • Select Mail, Contact, Calendars


  • Tap Add Acccount


  • Enter your name, address, password and description. Then tap Next


Your Name: The name to be displayed when sending emails.

Address: The email address, e.g. yourname@exemail.com.au

Password: The password used for this email account.


  • Make sure to enter correct information for incoming and outgoing mail server.
Incoming Host Name: pop3.[state].exemail.com.au
Outgoing Host Name: smtp.[state].exemail.com.au