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Support Tips



- Services that have slow speeds could be caused by the modulation type that's been used. By default the modem sets the modulation to be G.DMT lite or G.DMT, when it changes to G.DMT BIZplus this fixes up the problem.

- If a service upgrades from ADSL 1 to ADSL 2 and experience's slow speed it is best to replace the previous filters with new ADSL 2 filters.

Mobile Broadband

- When Installing HSPA on a Apple MAC PC, we come across issues where the installer doesn't work. In such situations, I recommend to remove the program under the system preferences and re-install a fresh copy, this should fix up the problem.

- If the error code is 619 and all the settings are correct, recheck the APN value: exetel1

- If the error code is 619, delete all the profiles and create a fresh one. Service will work (99% guaranteed).


- If the number 121 is dialed to activate the voice mail and a pin number will be required to activate the voice mail. If everything wasn't set up correctly, the phone call will be in a continuous loop.

It's best to contact exetel to resolve this problem.


- If you experience a slow speed when accessing your office intranet from home or when you try to access any private networks and if you still can access other websites with a relatively good speed, please change your MTU value to something between 1400 – 1450 (the default value should be 1492). This is because of the additional overhead created by VPN connections.

- When a "Netgear modem" is been reset the VPI/VCI needs to be VPI8/VCI35 this can be found via "ADSL settings" with in the modem configuration. This resolve a majority of connecting issues.

Blocked Connection

When a connection is released from been blocked and is still unable to connect on to the internet, it is best to contact Exetel so that we could clear the circuit of the connection.