Troubleshooting for Skype

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I have installed Skype and my Computer tells me that the transmitting is too slow to get a clear Picture on the other end. Is there something wrong with my mobile/ADSL broadband connection?

Problems with skype video are often caused by driver/ software issues. A driver is the program that you install with the webcam which makes webcam work with your PC so make sure you have the latest driver installed. You can download and install the most recent drivers from the webcam manufacturer’s website.

To test your webcam go to Tools › Options › Calls › Video settings. When Skype is able to use your webcam, you will see a video preview of yourself.

A suggestion would be to use the minimal resolution (the recommended resolution on Skype video is 320x240 pixels) when operating webcam with Skype application.

It is also advisable to turn off / exit all unnecessary applications when using Skype, that may use your internet bandwidth behind the scene.