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What happens after I submit my Fibre Broadband application?

For NBN and Opticomm

Once you receive the confirmation email you can then check on the 'Application Status' page of this web site to see exactly how your application is progressing.

There are several steps that need to be completed once you have submitted a Fibre application form to Exetel. These steps can take from a few days to up to 5 working days if everything goes smoothly.

The steps that have to be taken to process your Fibre application are:

1. Exetel submit your application to our supplier.

The application is submitted to the supplier the following business day to process.

2. Our supplier confirms receipt of your application

Our supplier will review the application and proceed with provisioning the service. They will investigate whether infrastructure already exists for the service, and arrange activation if possible.

3. The supplier then arranges installation or activation of the service.

If the address already has an ONT installed, they will arrange to activate the service, typically within 1 business day after processing application which the service should be active physically by the close of second business day.
If the address does not have an ONT installed, our supplier will investigate, and if installation of an ONT is required a technician will contact the customer to arrange a date and time to complete the installation of the ONT.

4. If your application is rejected the screen will display the reason for rejection

If your application is rejected, please review the reason for rejection. If you require assistance understanding the rejection reason, please contact Exetel at

5. Once your Fibre activation has been completed, a 'completion date' will be displayed

Once the activation of your Fibre service has been confirmed, you should see the “DATA” light on the ONT light up. The service should be connecting to port 1 of the ONT. If your house has a smart wire hub, the connections in each room will depend on how the house was cabled (some ports might be wired for telephone).

For Telstra

After the customer submits the application, the system qualifies the number to check if the address is correct and if there is any other service on the phone line.

If there are other services our system will process a churn request and if there is an ADSL service on the phone line first the ADSL service will be taken over in 3 business days. Once this is completed the fiber migration process starts. This will take a maximum 5 to 7 business days depending on if ONT is installed/or not

If the customer does not have any services on the line once the SQ has been done the migraion to fiber starts and will take 5 to 7 business days.

The phone number needs to be activated at all times even after the fiber service is connected.If the phone line is disconnected the fiber service will stop working .

On the activation date the phone line will be done from a minimum of 5 min to maximum of 5 hours and if the phone line still does not work the customer needs to contact the phone rental provider to investigate .