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I can't make calls to certain numbers, how do I fix this? I'm using your pre-select long distance call service

If you can't make calls using pre-select long distance call service, gather a list of the number's you're calling as well as the time and email this information to Exetel, it is very likely we're going to need to log this case with the supplier.

I currently have the over-ride service, however my old provider is still billing me for the calls I use on over-ride

If you have over-ride service with Exetel and get billed for the over-ride calls by your previous provider, it is likely that you are not using the over-ride service correctly. If you wish to make any calls then dial 1428 for metro and 1414 for regional in order for the calls to route through exetel.

Why is the quality of the long distance calls isn't great?

If you find that the quality of long distance calls is not great, make 3 sample calls and record the numbers and time, once that has been done email this information to Exetel as we're required to log this case to our supplier.

If there were problems with my telephone line from previous provider does this affect the long distance calls?

Yes long distance call service is affected by the condition of your telephone line. A full working phone line is required, please contact the telephone provider to resolve the problem .

Why can't I make any calls through the long distance call service?

If you can not make any calls through the long distance call service;

Confirm The dial tone: engaged tone, Fast busy tone, noise etc.?

Make sample calls and record the date and time, one that has been done email support the details so that we could log the case with the supplier.

Would cordless phones work with the long distance call service ?

Yes, cordless phones work with the long distance call service as it is a telephony service.

If the telephone line was canceled would the long distance service work?

No, once the telephone line is canceled the long distant call service wouldn't work.

How do I relocate the long distance call service?

A new application is required to be submitted through the exetel website to relocate your long distance call service.