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Set up ADSL/VoIP on Netcomm NF1ADV

To configure Netcomm NF1ADV WiFi Data and VoIP Gateway, first you have to login.

Open a web browser and type on the address bar,

Use the following default username and password to login

Username - admin Password - admin

Click on the Basic menu at the top of the page and then click on Quick Setup

Select ADSL as the connection type and click Next.

NF1ADV 01.jpg

Select PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE) and click Next

NF1ADV 02.jpg

Enter User ID and Password provided by Exetel and VPI=8 and VCI=35

NF1ADV 03.jpg

You can configure your wireless network from the next page.

  • You can select to enable or disable the Wireless function by clicking the Enable Wireless checkbox.
  • You can change your SSID. Your SSID is the name your Wireless Network will be identified by. If you change it, please remember to note as you will need this to connect to the router wirelessly.
  • You can also select the Wireless security to use and change the Wireless Network key.

The default settings are shown in the below image

NF1ADV 04.jpg

Once you click the Next button, you will go to the Voip setup page. If you do not wish to configure VoIP now, click Next.

To configure VoIP, use the following settings.

  • SIP Proxy: or
  • SIP Proxy port: 5060
  • SIP Outbound Proxy: or
  • SIP Outbound Proxy port: 5060

NF1ADV 05.jpg

Select the correct option based on the number of VoIP accounts you need to set up and continue.

You'll need the following information

  • VoIP Phone Number: Your 10 digit VoIP number provided by Exetel
  • Display Name: Your 10 digit VoIP number provided by Exetel
  • Auth. ID: Your 10 digit VoIP number provided by Exetel
  • Auth. Password: The password provided by Exetel

NF1ADV 06.jpg

Keep Clicking next button until you come to the last page and then click on Finish button.