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ADSL > ADSL Modem Setup Guides > Netgear DG834

First you need to connect to your router, the default IP to connect to is

Follow the example below, if for some reason your router has been configured to use a different IP from the factory then check your router manual for instructions.


The default User name is : admin The default password is  : password

Once you log into your router you will see the NetGear Router configuration page as below. On the left hand side are the menu options, left mouse click on the Basic Settings option, at the top. and you will see the following screen.


Exetel would have emailed you your username and password you need to use to login to their network. The syntax is your phone number for the user name and your phone number and the 1st two letters of your street for the password.

In this example, imagine my phone number is 02555-55555 and my address is 18 Mocking bird Lane.


Enter in the login box as per example. Enter 0255555555MO for the password

Naturally, your phone number and 1st two letters of your street will be different to the example ;)

Note : I live in NSW so my pop is I'm not sure if this is the same for other states, but it will be written in the email Exetel emailed you...

Now all you have to do is left mouse click on the scroll bar (as indicated in the picture below) and drag down, and click on Apply button. This will save the changes to your router.


Next, click ADSL settings check that LLC-Based is selected, ensure the VPI is set to 8, and VCI is set to 35.

Click Apply.

Now left mouse click om Router Status on the left hand side of the page, and you will see something similar to the picture below,


I have blacked out my personal information to protect the guilty ;)

This page tells you information about your connection to Exetel, your IP address, the DNS IP's, The speed at which you have connected at, in my case it's 7616kbs (I am on an 8mbit plan) you should note your speed, if you are on a 1.5 mbit plan then the number might be up to 1400kbs or so. the higher the number the better.

That concludes the how-to guide. It's pretty easy to setup to get connected.

You will probably want to change the default password to something else at some point.


Enter password in the Old password box, then enter your new password.

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