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This page offer some links used by Exetel users and personnel that reduce the interference of ‘spy’ ware, spam ware and other ‘mal’ ware from both breaching the security of your computer and slowing your browsing and download speeds.

Fixing Web Sites That Do Not Resolve

This utility will ensure that unsuccessful attempts at reaching sites are not cached and therefore ensuring that all future attempts to reach those sites will always fail.

Keeping Your Registry Completely Clean

This small add on application also fixes dead, useless registry entries which will speed up load times of Windows and execution of applications.

Preventing Mal Ware From Infecting Your PC

This program will lock your host file to stop spy ware spam ware and other mal ware being transferred to your system without your knowledge.

Improving Speed With Simple Windows ‘Tweaks’

Internet Explorer currently takes up well over 40-50MB in resources of physical RAM, and when it can hang or crash when you load another ‘copy’ which uses another 40-50MB of RAM (for someone with 128 MB RAM, their browsing and other PC functions slows to a crawl soon afterwards).

As you may know, 128, 256 and even 512 MB of physical RAM is becoming unsuitable for the latest internet “add ons” that run in the background of your PC such as Toolbars, Instant Messaging, Peer to Peer (torrents, eMule etc).

The simplest solution is to upgrade your PC with additional RAM.

Before expending that money doing a disk fragment clean up regularly will help.

Clearing temporary internet files (cookies/cache) regularly will also help.

WINXP SP2 should be installed if you are able to do that which will do many of these things automatically.

The following articles are worth reading as they provide a lot of useful advice on how to maximize the speed capabilities of your PC and web browsing and down loading.,39023759,39214743,00.htm,39029541,40002421,00.htm;EN-US;Q239094