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What is Exetel Web SMS?

Exetel provides the ability for any Exetel DSL user to send SMS messages using their DSL service instead of a mobile telephone.

The SMS service is sourced from aggregators using the major Australian mobile carrier networks and can be used to send SMS to any nine digits mobile number in the world (depending on international mobile network availability) .

Who can apply for Web SMS?

Exetel offers both business and residential SMS accounts.

They are virtually the same, except the business account allows a user to send an SMS from an unverified phone number or alphanumeric setting. A business account also allows a user to add an ABN for tax benefits.

Business accounts must be set up by someone from corporate sales.

Residential accounts can be set up via the website for pre-paid or EIDA.

Am I able to have an SMS Only Account?

Yes you can have an SMS only account.

Web SMS Plans and Pricing

What are the available Web SMS plans?

To find details on available business SMS plans, please visit -

For corporate SMS plans, please visit -

How do I apply for Web SMS?

You can find online order forms for Web SMS service from following links.

  • Residential Customers
Pre-paid -
Post - paid -

  • Business Customers
Pre-paid -
Post - paid

You can apply for a Pre-paid SMS account here or a post-paid account here

How much is one SMS?

The charge of a Web SMS would depend on the plan you select. You can find these charges from Exetel Web site.

How is the coverage for SMS service?

Please click here to find coverage details for SMS service.

How do I pay for each SMS?

If you have an existing ADSL, VoIP, Mobile or Hosting service, the charges for SMS service are added to your monthly bill. If you have a prepaid account you must purchase sufficient credit prior to using the SMS service.

Can I manage SMS service from Memebers Facility area?

By signing up to eXeTeL's SMS via ADSL service, customers are authorized to manage their account in the secure Members Facilities area as given below:

  • Send and receive SMS
  • Monitor billing and purchase further services
  • Scheduling messages and upload SMS templates
  • Uploading your contact databases into our comprehensive online address book
  • View delivery reports, monitor your usage and manage your account
  • Send Email to SMS
  • Send WAP-pushes

If you are an existing customer then you do not need to sign up for this service – it is available from their Members Facilities area.

If you are not an existing customer and wish to use only our SMS service, you can order a Pre-paid service from our website by visiting or create a Post-paid service by calling residential sales.

Email to SMS

What is Email to SMS?

Email to SMS allows you to create a [alias] account and allow any email sent to that address to be forwarded on to a mobile number of your choosing, and are charged at a starting rate of 7c/message.

What is Registered Email to SMS?

Registered Email to SMS allows you to specify an email address that you have already created and send SMS messages using that account.

What is the difference between Registered Email to SMS and Email to SMS?

The difference between these two is that Email to SMS allows receipt of SMS message through email while registered Email to SMS allows sending of SMS message through email.

What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS allows you to send the same SMS message to multiple recipients at once. You are charged 8c for each recipient and the same as message sizes for single messages. It can be used in tandem with your address book to SMS common groups of friends or customers that you may have.

What is a Scheduled SMS?

Scheduled SMS allows you to choose a later date and time within three days to send an SMS.


What is a WAP SMS?

A WAP SMS allows you to send images, ring tones, video clips to a WAP enabled mobile phone. The content is not sent to the mobile phone instead the recipient is directed to a URL where they are able to get it from.

What if the recipient’s mobile phone is not WAP enabled?

If the recipient’s mobile phone is not WAP enabled, generally the SMS will be ignored by the recipient’s mobile phone, though the message will still be sent from our network to the destination.