Using other Services with ADSL

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Does having a complex service affect me getting ADSL?

Having a complex service does not affect getting ADSL1, however if you are applying for ADSL2 you may contact your current telephone service provider to get the complex services removed and then apply for the ADSL2 service. Once ADSL2 service is connected, you may check with your telephone service provider to reinstate the complex service.

I currently have a fax on the line, am I still able to use ADSL?

Yes you can use the fax line. However, the fax line will need to have a micro-filter in order to be used with ADSL srvice.

Can I apply for a VoIP service while applying for an ADSL service?

No you cannot apply for VoIP at the same time you purchase ADSL. Once you activate the ADSL connection you can order VoIP via the Members Facility area. Please note that the minimum requirement for VoIP is having a 512/128 ADSL connection.

Can I use the email to fax facility after purchasing the ADSL service?

Yes, you can apply for the email to fax facility via the Exetel Members Facility area, after purchasing the ADSL service.