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What is Voicemail?

VoiceMail is just like an answering machine for a mobile phone. It ensures you receive missed calls when your phone is busy, unattended, out of range or its battery is flat.

How does Optus VoiceMail work?

Voicemail with Optus mobile service is fast and easy to set up by dialling 321 from your mobile handset (or 133 321 from a touchphone). A tutorial is provided to guide new users through the process of recording your voice message. The diversions will also be automatically be set to voicemail on registration, saving you from setting this up.

A message-waiting indicator is sent to your phone to notify you when a new voice message is left.

If you want to avoid the cost of incoming calls when roaming, it is recommended that you divert all calls to VoiceMail before leaving Australia.

How do I retrieve Optus Voicemail?

You can retrieve your voicemail messages for you mobile service with Optus by calling 321 or or 133 321 from any other phone.

How do I activate Optus Voicemail?

To check if Optus VoiceMail is set up on your mobile phone dial 321. If you get the message "Ding Dong that number is not listed" your VoiceMail is not activated. If you would like to activate or deactivate Optus VoiceMail, please free call 1504, from your mobile phone. This service is available 24x7 and will confirm your status via SMS.

How do I divert calls to Optus VoiceMail?

You can divert calls to Optus voicemail by following these instructions.

Via Handset

Diversion settings can be activated, changed or canceled via the menu of your mobile phone, or by following the steps below.

To activate from the handset, replace XX with a code from below.

Activation * * XX * 321 # SEND
Deactivation # # XX # SEND
To Check / Verify * # XX # SEND

Standard Commands

Unconditional 21 Every call is diverted
Conditional 004 Calls diverted based on conditional criteria met, such as 'On Busy', 'No Reply', 'Not Reachable'
On Busy 67 Busy
No Reply 61 Phone 'rings out', not answered
Not Reachable 62 Out of Coverage area or switched off


To deactivate all diverts enter: ##21#SEND

To activate all conditional diverts enter: **004*321#SEND

User Options with Optus Voicemail

What are the in Built Help Menus for Voice mail services with Optus mobile?

With 321 (Optus - mobile) VoiceMail, you can get help with your VoiceMail options at any time by dialling 0.

Step 1 Access VoiceMail by dialling 321

Step 2 At any time Press 0 to listen to detailed information on your options such as changing your VoiceMail greeting.

Please note: VoiceMail retrieval charges will apply.

How do I Adjust the Ring Time before voicemail diversion happens?

This allows you to select the ringing time before their VoiceMail diversion happens, in intervals of 5 seconds up to 30 seconds.

Replace XX below with a multiple of 5 seconds.

Adjust Ring Time * * 61 * 321 * * XX # SEND

How can I see the missed calls on optus voicemail?

With this optional VoiceMail feature, a text message is sent to your phone, advising of the phone number for missed calls when no VoiceMail message is left.

You can then use this number to call people back.

Please note: This feature is only available when the Caller Line Identification (CLI) or number is captured.

If you need to activate or deactivate Missed Call service free, call 159 from your Optus mobile phone. The service is available 24x7.

How can I use Call Return facility with Optus voicemail for mobile services?

Use the VoiceMail Call Return facility with Optus voicemail to return your VoiceMail messages whilst still within your mailbox.

Press 6 after listening to the messages and Optus VoiceMail Call Return will take care of the rest.

Step 1 Dial 321 to retrieve messages from your mobile.

Step 2 At the end of your message press 6 for Call Return

Step 3 You will then have 2 options:

  • Press # to return the call to the provided number
  • To call another number, enter the number (including the area code) and press #

Step 4 VoiceMail will then dial the number and connect your call.

At the end of the call you can wait or press * * to be returned to the Mailbox to continue listening to the messages.

Please note: The number is provided only when the Caller ID is captured or if the number is entered by the caller at the end of the VoiceMail message. (This service is only available when retrieving messages from your mobile handset)

VoiceMail retrieval charges apply for the duration of the call in addition to call costs as per your rate plan.

How do I use Optus voicemail with mobile services to get Wake Up/Reminder Calls

You can use your Optus VoiceMail as a Wake Up or Reminder service by programming the service to call your mobile phone at a nominated time of day. Or you can schedule a call to be made regularly from Monday to Friday.

Scheduling a Wake Up/Reminder call

Step 1 Dial 321 to access your VoiceMail Step 2 Press 8 for User Options Step 3 Press 2 for call schedule options, and listen to prompts to schedule your Wake Up/Reminder call


If your PIN is blocked due to entering it 3 times, you will need to call Exetel on 0280301000 or email (residentialsupport@exetel.com.au)