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Fibre Supplier and EU Responsibility

The following table provides your a list of responsibilities of Fibre supplier and End User .

Accountability Type of fault Resolution
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • Optical Network Terminal (ONT)
  • Drop cable down
  • Street network down
  • Backbone network
  • Switch components
Supplier will dispatch the required workforce to resolve these issues
End User
  • Battery backup failure
  • End user power outage
  • Street power outage
  • Internal wiring
  • Damage to NBN infrastructure (NTU, PSU, Drop cable...etc)
  • In premise gateway

MODEM and other Hardware for Fibre

Can I use my ADSL router for Exetel's Fibre service?

You would be able to use ADSL routers to the extent as an additional hub point to connect additional devices for the purpose of your own internal network. From the router, you can merely connect to the Ethernet.

What type of equipment (MODEM, Filters…etc) will I need to set up the Optic Fibre service?

Customer does not need any equipment except a direct connection to the Internet. The ONT (Optical Network Terminal) provided by our supplier has an Ethernet Port to directly connect to the Internet. To manage their Internal network, a customer will need to source a router that has both a WAN and LAN port(s). ADSL2 MODEM/Routers will not work for the purpose of connecting more than one PC through to the ONT.

What is Optical Network Terminal (ONT)?

An ONT is used to terminate the fibre optic cable to the End User’s (EU) premises. It serves two purposes; one is to terminate the Fibre signal and two is to give the EU a usable interface with the ONT in order to use the service. It works by taking the Fibre laser light signal and converting that back to Copper signals used inside the premises in case of the Internet, it will translate Fibre back to Ethernet.

Fibre faults follow the same process as our current ADSL faults. You must first validate the fault as being of the supplier network, you can do this depending on the type of fault, using the lights on the ONT or having the EU perform testing to demonstrate the fault.

The DATA light on the ONT should come on when a successful authentication attempt is done. Testing the other DATA ports will assist in verifying a faulty ONT port .

The ONT provided by NEC contains;



What are Power Supply Units (PSU)for Fibre Broadband Services?

The Power Supply Units (PSU)for Fibre Broadband services provides a 240v to 12v regulated power supply and it comes with an empty battery backup compartment.


Fibre12.gif Typical configuration of ONT and PSU install

What are Fiber Distribution Terminals (FDTs)?

Fiber Distribution Terminals (FDTs) are the black objects where the drops that go to individual houses are connected. FDT can go on a pole or underground depending on how your utilities are delivered. Most are 4-port terminals but they do come in different sizes.


What is an Optical Splitter?

Optical networking system needs signals to be coupled, splitted, distributed, this requires optical splitter to achieve. Fiber optic splitter is used to split a fiber optic beam into several beams at a certain splitting ratio. It is widely used in Optical communication system. Currently this is not essential to use the fibre service.


What is a Battery Backup Unit (BBU)for Fibre Broadband Services?

Purpose of a Battery Backup Unit (BBU)for Fibre Broadband Services is to prepare a customer for a power outage as the Fibre will go off if power is out. The customer is responsible for buying the battery pack.


Connection Information

How do I configure Fibre Broadband service?

You will need to enter your username and password in to your computer or router so that you can connect to the Exetel Fibre service. The username is unique to your service, and was emailed to you at sign up. If you can't find the email, please contact our provisioning or support staff to retrieve. Configuration will depend on whether you are using a Windows computer direct to the ONT, or if you are using a router.

The connection related details are below:

If you are using a router provided by Exetel you should have received it before your service was activated. Whether or not you are sourcing your router from Exetel you will have received an email with your user name and password and other set up information.

If you require more detailed assistance you should get that from the manual that comes with your router or a knowledgeable friend. Some guidance is provided on either the Exetel User Help Forum or our Wiki. It is very straight forward to set up most residential routers but if none of these aids is sufficient you will need to pay for a computer professional to assist you complete this task.

Exetel has agents in every capital city of Australia, and many regional areas. If you need help you might consider calling one of these agents who will charge you to install your fibre connection. Search for an agent

If the 'DATA' light on the ONT is not steady, then it might not be activated yet, or an issue might have developed. In this instance, you need to call Exetel on (Sydney Users): (02) 8030 1000 (This is an Exetel VoIP number so Exetel VoIP users can call at no charge) (National): 1300 788 141 (This is an Exetel VoIP number so Exetel VoIP users can call at no charge) and get the support engineers to get the wholesale provider to confirm and fix the problem.

What should I do before Fibre service is activated?

Speed Issues

How could I run a speed test for Fibre?

The best way to obtain or test an internet connection for speed problems is to connect a PC directly to the ONT via an Ethernet cable. If the ONT is connected to a wireless router this may cause the Internet to run slow as Ethernet has faster transferring rate.

Please visit Speed Tests page for specific instructions on Fibre Speed Tests.

The following information is required to be answered by support personnel; you can assist by doing the following check points and providing this information:


Where can I test the speed of my Fibre Optic service?

Visit or to test speed of your Fibre service.

What are the Fibre Broadband connectivity issues?

There are two common connectivity issues which could occur with Fibre services.

No Sync (No Signal )

No Authentication


If the problem persists contact Exetel to get a case logged to the supplier.

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