Configure VoIP on Billion 7404

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VoIP > VoIP Setup Guides > Configure VoIP on Billion 7404

Select Advanced

Select Configuration

Select VoIP

Select SIP Accounts

If there is nothing already set (sometimes an internode port may already be partially set):

Complete the Profile Name, Registrar Address, Registrar Port, Expire, User Domain/Realm, (Outbound Proxy Address will automatically generate later), Outbound Proxy Port, Phone Number, Username and Password as per the settings provided to you.

Select Add

If you have a second port, repeat the process

Press Sync Now for each setting created.

Press Save Config

Press Restart (takes approx 1 minute to complete).

If you need to edit a SIP Account, select the Profile Name you wish to edit from the listed setting/s at the bottom of the screen, make the change/s, then press Edit/Delete

Sip Server Details.
Sip Proxy:
Port: 5060
Sip outbound proxy:
Port: 5060
Sip Registrar:
Port: 5060

Repeat the Sync Now, Save Config and Restart steps.

VoIP setup.png

If you find that your internet and/or VoIP quality is degraded, you will need to consider setting:

Virtual Server -> Port Forwarding

QoS -> Prioritisation

QoS -> Inbound IP Throttling

QoX -> Outbound IP Throttling.