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A user of Exetel's VoIP services can select any ATA, Modem or Soft Phone connection they choose to connect to Exetel's VoIP services. Exetel can provide the Netcomm/TP-Link range and ATAs should a customer wish to buy through Exetel and Exetel support personnel have a high level of knowledge of those devices. Listed below are a series of links that provide useful direction on how to set up Netcomm VoIP products and some of the other more popular devices used by Exetel VoIP customers as well as a general trouble shooting guide that addresses the more common general set up problems .

Billion 7404

VoIP setup guides for Billion 7404 can be found from below links.

Dynalink (RTA1046VW)

VoIP setup guides for Dynalink (RTA1046VW) can be found from the below link.

Linksys SPA-3000 ATA

Netcomm Devices

You can find Netcomm VoIP modem setup guides from below links.

TP-Link TD-VG3631

ZTE H268A Voip Setup

Steps to configure ZTEH268A

VoIP over Mobile (WiFi)

Please visit VoIP over Mobile page for instruction on using VoIP over mobile (WiFi).