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NetComm NB3 Setup Guide

Please open your ‘My ADSL Modem’ user guide. This is an orange coloured guide that came with the NB3 modem.

Ethernet: turn to page 12 USB: turn to page6

1) Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape for example)

2) In the address bar, type in or

3) Await for the NB3 logon prompt to appear

4) An input prompt will appear, title ‘VIKING’

5) Input root as the username

6) Input root as the password

7) Press OK

You have now logged into the NB3!

8) Click on ‘Quick Configuration’

9) Under the PPP heading, you should enter your Exetel supplied Network/ISP USERNAME and PASSWORD

10) Click on Submit

11) Now click on the Admin tab and click on Commit & Reboot

12) Click on Commit to save these settings